About Us

Michelle of Pink Monkey Events is proud to serve as your New York event planner.

Michelle, the founder of Pink Monkey Events, started this company for her pure love of event planning and coordination. As far back as Michelle can remember anytime she went to an event everyone always knew which gift was from her. Her creativity, sense of style and attention to detail always stands out as she loves to decorate and make each gift special and unique for that person. She is known for her great sense of style and has even been called “mini Martha” on quite a few occasions. Her attention to detail never goes unnoticed.  The same has gone for Michelle’s career. Michelle has been working as a Special Events Coordinator and in Office Management  starting since 1993.  In 1994, Michelle started as Special Events Assistant and moved herself right up to the top as Chief Administrative Officer for one of the top hedge funds in New York City.  Through the years, Michelle has always done well because she excelled in every task given to her and her attention to detail is remarkable. Her management skills and meticulous coordinating skills have earned her the great reputation for coordinating countless events, including conferences, corporate client parties, corporate and personal lunches and dinners, holiday parties, summer picnic outings, golf outings and the purchase of client and employee gifts.

In 2006 Michelle finally decided to take the plunge and start Pink Monkey Events.  She has always said, “do what you love and you will love what you do”. When you see Michelle creating an idea for an event you can just see her enthusiasm and you cannot help to get excited about it. Michelle aspires to bring her blend of creativity to every event, whether it be corporate or personal. When you meet her and her staff you will know you made the right choice!

How We Got Our Name

It all started with Michelle’s love for animals. When Michelle started her company she had three dogs who she beyond adored. Dakota, Harley and Paco. She calls them her little “monkeys”. If you know Michelle you know she calls all  those she adores “Monkey”  Funny enough most people who know her in the industry call her Monkey too.  Michelle said, “who doesn’t like a monkey? They are cute and funny”. So when Michelle decided to start Pink Monkey Events she knew that the name had to have monkey in the name. Then she thought what goes with monkey. Blue sounds sad, green sounds sick and then of course Michelle thought Pink! Michelle’s mom is a breast cancer survivor and there was not doubt that it should be called Pink Monkey Events. Pink Monkey sounded happy and festive, and means something so near and dear to Michelle, so that is how Pink Monkey Events was born.

Little Side Note

Sadly in 2011 Dakota had passed away and in 2016 Harley had also passed but they will always be part of Team Pink Monkey. We miss them so very much and will always be the original crew. The Pink Monkey Crew is now the dynamic duo of Paco and Brooklyn. When you come to visit Michelle in the office you will be greeted by their wagging tails and friendly greeting.